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Welcome To Funky Kids Party

Funky Kids Parties are legendary and hassle-free! See why Funky Kids Parties are number one choice for birthday parties in Glasgow and surrounding areas.


From planning to execution, let our birthday party team bring your child’s dream party to reality. ​Our experts do all the work so you can relax and celebrate with your child, family and friends.


I do everything for the kids. From discos, UV parties, Fun party games, room decorations, fun food, sweets n treats and themed parties like my most wanted, Nerf parties.

What  We Do....

Everyone who has kids knows that it is not easy to keep them engaged and entertained. Children tend to get bored easily and usually are very honest about their preferences. If you want to make your children's party memorable, you need the right entertainment. You need to ensure your children and their friends enjoy the party and have no reason to complain.


Every party, every birthday (regardless of age), school dance, christening, communion or family get together needs atmosphere. And creating just the right atmosphere with the right music is what your Funky Kids Party DJ does best


Why does Funky Kids party make such a difference? Is it the choice of music, the brilliant sound equipment, the expert DJ, the help with formalities, the organizing of games and prizes for children's parties or the dance lighting

The answer is, they all add up to the Funky Kids Party difference! That's why they're all included to guarantee your fun when Funky Kids Party comes to the party!


Your professional Funky Kids Party DJ is an expert at playing just the right songs for every moment. But if you want to choose your own, simply go to your exclusive Funky Kids Party online party planner account, and add the songs you would like your Funky Kids Party DJ to play.


What's included?

What isn't? Along with great music, there's your disco lighting, an expert DJ who can make announcements and act as the party MC. There's a sound system that sounds great at all volumes and a vast music library for all tastes and all ages. Click here to see our Party Packages. 


The games provided by your Funky Kids Party DJ will keep the kids busy from start till finish. We keep the kids involved at all times.

Games change depending on the ages.

How About A Nerf Party?

Watch the children using different Nerf Blasters, Cross bows and Vortex shooters to try their skills at shooting challenging target practice activities and even crazy fun combat simulations. We provide a complete set of instructions and activities to cover every aspect of your party. 

Nerf Gun Parties are not about children running around trying to shoot each other! The activities we offer are structured to:

  • Give children a good sense of hand-eye-co-ordination through the use of a wide range of Nerf Blasters used for our unique, fun and challenging target practices;

  • Develop a sense for trajectory paths as foam darts and long-range disc shooting blasters are used for our entertaining Nerf Party activities;

  • Develop their own combat strategies for capturing flags and grabbing lollies whilst avoiding the other team’s Nerf Darts.

  • Foster team-work amongst children on the combat field as they work together to claim their lollies or team flags.

  • ......most importantly.....Give you the most fun and memorable Nerf Gun Party Ever.

We can even supply hot-dogs, popcorn, candy floss, Juice station & even Nerf decorations too. 

Click here to see more information on this party & packages available.

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