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Mini Nightclub £150

There’s nothing that would bring life to your private function as well as a great DJ. If you have a DJ who has experience with parties, they can ensure that the event remains lively and all the kids are engaged and having fun.

No party should be dull with kids getting bored and just gossiping in groups. A great party has the energy and excitement that would linger in the minds of the kids for a long time. Our djs have all those chart hits, hip-hop & club anthems and not forgetting those party classics. 

Hiring my mini mobile nightclub is great for kids who think they are a bit old for party games. It come fully loaded with the following:

Whats Included?

  • 2 Hour Disco

  • Professional Dj

  • Dj Booth

  • Sound System

  • UV Lighting

  • Lazers

  • LED Scanners

  • Haze Machine

  • 2 x LED Flame Machines

  • Glowsticks

Great Music

DJs explore several different genres of music, dig up some great tunes you might never have heard before, and come up with interesting mixes. Good DJ's don’t just play generic music, they alter it and create something new and fresh. Tunes that you’ve already heard won’t get you as excited and enthused as a surprising piece that you heard for the first time. That’s the main advantage of having a DJ at your party. The music isn’t always something that you’ve already heard hundreds of times before. The DJ adds his  personal spin to them to create a unique sound and effect.

The Energy

The Dj can be the life of any party. They know how to work the crowd, get everyone involved and engaged into the performance. They interact with the crowd & respond to it. The crowd gets pumped up by great music created by a great performer and artist. A DJ can create an environment where everyone’s attention is focused on the music and no one is bored. All the kids would be swept up with the energy, unable to resist having a good time. 


Perhaps the best advantage of having DJ, is that it makes your party memorable. The event would most likely linger in the minds of our guests for a long time. The intention of a party is to have a gathering that everyone would enjoy and remember fondly. You want everyone to have a blast. The music and the energy that a DJ would bring to your party are irreplaceable. A party with a DJ to engage the crowd is much more lively and stimulating than a party without one. If you want to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guests, getting a DJ is a good idea.


If you’re looking for great DJ  who would get your crowd pumping, contact Funky Kids Party on 07903500528 or fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.

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