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Party Advice


 Just thought i would add a few helpful hints to make your event go as easy and fun as possible!


Being a Funky Kids Parties in Glasgow entertainer, naturally I would suggest a Disco with fun & games - they are great fun and not free-for-all parties with kids running around doing karate on each other or the entertainer. Kids love dancing & keeping busy and their parents love it that their kids are getting entertained for 2 hours of their kid's party, and not just sitting about but having just a good old time.


However, there are a few general bits of tried and true party wisdom.


Now my advice for a great party would be to plan as far in advance as possible - at least a month to six weeks. This allows you time to pull your children's party together at a relaxed pace and also gives you a better chance of booking the date you want for the entertainment. Once I've booked a children's disco party, I would immediately put a note on my calendar "call and confirm entertainment" the week before, also making sure he or she knows exactly how to get to the event and also the time they are to start.


Along the same lines - when you send out invitations make a little note letting parents know what the entertainment is and what time it begins. This way if there is a mum who's child might be frightened of let's say - Clowns- then they'll know.  Obviously, check with as many mums personally as you can before you decide, getting a read on your "audience". Nothing, by the way, against clowns but the fact is some kids are frightened of clowns; and if you only have a clown that's pretty much it for those children for the whole party. Our Funky Kids Disco Parties is not spooky at all (except for Halloween of course, but not so spooky that the younger kids would be frightened). The general rule however would be to just know your audience and make the appropriate choice for entertainer.


I wouls say a party of around 2hrs is perfect. Any longer and the kids start getting loud & carry on etc. Extra time is available for the likes of christenings & communions etc, as these gigs have more adults and then we can recommend having a kids hour. At the start we play music for the adults and say after the buffet we have a speciasl hour just for the kids. Fun games, music etc. We also bring some toys for them to play with before and after the kids hour too. Leaving you time to enjoy your famoly members.


Hope this helps

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